Brash young blogger Arthur Gregg Sulzberger, son of NYT publisher Pinch Sulzberger, got a real co-byline in the newspaper today! Apparently the Times has assigned the 28 year-old heirreporter some journo-chaperones.

Arthur writes under the byline "A.G. Sulzberger," going by his initials, as is the style in certain parts of the journalism world (New York). Perusing a list of his stories so far, we see:

—Most of them are entries on the City Room blog, as you would expect.
—A large percentage of his stories are co-bylines shared with either Jennifer 8 Lee or Sewell Chan, the two stars of the Metro desk.

So he's learning from the best that the Times has to offer! We look forward to following the young man's progress as he grows into a full-blown metro reporter, then is eventually allowed to write fake trend pieces, and finally takes over the company. These are the three steps to success, AG.
[Pic: Willamette Week's Flickr. Email us and let us know how you like it over there, dude!]