Having been in the showbiz world for just a few short weeks, Brooklyner Aaron Guzikowski is living the dream. He's sold his hot suspense script Prisoners and now Mark Wahlberg's gonna star! Jealous?

Not too long ago, Guzikowski was like you. Working in marketing, desperately writing screenplays in his spare time. He and his wife Allison, also a filmmaker, had their engagement profiled in the New York Observer—a cute if a bit too hipstery and Brooklyn for most to fully stomach kinda story. ("I love you... on the subway." "I love you... in the rain." Ugh.) Guzikowski has made some short films and was a competition semifinalist with a screenplay called Panacea, about a magical statue.

But now all of that is behind him, and he doesn't need to promote himself via Gotham Writers Workshop-sponsored contests or fawning wedding announcements in local papers anymore. Prisoners, about a vigilante Boston papa looking for his kidnapped daughter and her friend, was much loved in various Hollywood circles, and now all it needs is a director. So young Adam (he's in his mid 30's) is on his way. Maybe he'll become the next Shane Black! Except, you know, without that sad 10 year hiatus.