Since Valleywag broke the news that Google was closing two of its free cafés this week, they've been busier than ever as hyperentitled Googlers race to get one last taste. And complain about the lines.

A tipster reports:

I was waiting to get lunch at Cafe 5ive at Google (very popular now that it's closing) today and overheard an engineer: "Can you believe this? They make 50 highly paid engineers wait in line for one lowly paid chef."

Watch out, Google kids — that "lowly paid chef"'s name is Jean-Claude Balek, and he's one tough character. He has "foie gras" tattooed on his knuckles. He's staying with Google and moving to another café. And we would not blame him one bit if he slipped a surprise into your next organic suckling pig.

(Photo by Roshan V)