Martha Stewart is mystified by "Notorious B.I.G.," and believes all black people know each other. Kathie Lee Gifford thinks Hoda Kotb was born in Africa. Welcome to post-racial American television!

Martha Stewart was simply delighted to have Kenan Thompson, an African-American fellow, on her show today. Who's this other African-American fellow on your shirt, Kenan? A rapper, you say? Why I've had rappers here, in my craftery! Kenan, do you know Q-Tip? He's a black fellow too, with the rap. Wonderful!
[What's Beef, Martha? Bring it on!]

And Kathie Lee Gifford is basically like, "Whoa, today's Africa day? Who has two thumbs and is sitting next to a lady named Hoda from Africa? Me, baby!" And Hoda, who is from Tulsa, just politely counts the minutes until they get to the segment with the booze.