Who is the real Arthur Kade? Is it the "extremely motivated and passionate" wealthy financial planner-turned-model and aspiring actor? Or is it: the most Zoolanderesque, parody-of-himself blog oversharer of the post-boom era? Dive in:

Arthur Kade is, let's just say, the John Fitzgerald Page of Philadelphia. He's already locally famous down there for his unbelievably (cannot say "douchey"... think, dammit...) uh, self-absorbed blogging. From his bio:

I recently sold my financial planning practice which yielded a tremendous income and lifestyle to pursue my dream of being a professional actor, and although most people think I'm crazy, I'm the happiest I have been in years.

Our interpretation of this, based upon no facts at all, is "My firm busted in the recession so I decided to pursue my long-unfulfilled dream of being an actor, and this website will surely propel me to fame." Just like JFP. It's eerie, really. So how does Arthur Kade "Take chances….and live" (HIS MOTTO)? Big baller style, of course! Here, he details his spiritual journey—a recent trip to NYC:

Once we arrived in NYC, we went to Mercer Kitchen in Soho (one of my favorite haunts) grabbed an awesome dinner, and had some hilarious conversations. We talked about everything from relationships to politics to hate sex, and I can tell you that if it wasn't so loud in the restaurant, I could have videotaped it, and not had to write a blog today because of all the material that was discussed. Radio Babe's friend Christine, who joined us, must think I am the biggest and horniest jerk-off on Earth. We did not stop laughing for a couple hours.

Ha, surely! Later they went to hot club 1Oak:

Radio Babe was accosted by some guy who claimed he was the creator of some revolutionary video game software, and kept offering to buy us drinks. He was an incredibly nerdy guy, and I have found that when people brag as hard as he was about their successes, they are usually failures or trust fund children (although we googled him on the way home from the city, and he was totally legit; go figure). I told him that the only way that he could continue to talk to Radio Babe was to buy me and her drinks, and he did!!! He probably spent at least $200-$300 on us, and it was great using someone the way my friends and I are usually used by women. My next life I am coming back as a hot woman so I can spend 75 years manipulating men and ruining their lives.

Really you must read the whole thing, it just gets better and better. Though appropriately for our new recession age, his aspirations never get too grand. But the oversharing never stops! Just today he revealed: "I haven't gone two consecutive weeks without sex since I was 19 years old."

Arthur Kade, you deserve to be famous. [ArthurKade.com]