After reportedly beating his girlfriend Rihanna, Chris Brown hired crisis flacks and went into spin mode: The singer apologized, took anger-management classes and spread word Rihanna was culpable. But his reputation needed more help.

It needed an endorsement from Rihanna.

Brown's public relations campaign wasn't going to work if the fellow R&B star did not take Brown back, validating his supposed emotional turnaround.

Brown still hasn't obtained forgiveness from his alleged victim, but he's perhaps manufactured the image of such: Page Six's sources say he tipped the press off to what was supposed to be a hush-hush meeting with Rihanna in the gated Miami enclave of Star Island. Paparazzi mysteriously tracked the onetime couple down, and their reunion has been the talk of celebrity media all week.

In other words, Chris Brown isn't above violating someone's personal boundaries to prove that he can be trusted not to violate people's personal boundaries, assuming Page Six is right.

Though sad and pathetic, Brown's PR games would at least be a clear signal he's written off any hope of a genuine reunion with his apparent victim.