Everyone's mad at the banks these days, because they've robbed us blind, and now they're holding their hands out wanting some more, please. So it's a perfect time for Johnny Depp as bank-robber John Dillinger.

It's a funny bit of luck that Michael Mann's Public Enemies (already getting some decent very early reviews) is set to bow at a time when everyone hates financial institutions and longs for a Depression-era Robin Hood to rob from the rich and give to the... well, give to himself. But still. The new trailer for the film makes us think three things: 1) Mann's stylishness looks a little weird in period. 2) Marion Cotillard has a funny voice (insightful!) and 3) How nice it is to see Johnny Depp in sorta-regular clothes, with no makeup, acting like a real person.

So as the repo men begin to circle your farm and you tell your boy to run on inside and get the shotgun because no English sonofabitch is gonna come and take yer granddaddy's land out from under you, unpaid debts be damned, you can at least remember that soon this anti-bank revenge fantasy will be upon us. Let's hope it does better than the last one.