PETA ads: sometimes ill-advised, often nonsensical, frequently stupid, always predictable. But at least they were trying. Not any more. They went ahead and hired strippers.

Usually the whole "I'd rather go naked" thing features some sexy celebrity. When it just shows the employees of a strip club you paid to rent for a couple hours then WHAT IS THE POINT, PETA? Riddle me that. Because guess what buddy, it's hard for any half-bright carnivore to sustain the illusion that Rick's Cabaret strippers are gonna sleep with him him if he goes vegetarian, unlike, say, Pamela Anderson, who might, you never know. On the other hand, $200 and all of these girls will presumably eat steak, while stripping.

Next: "Hardcore Interracial Lesbian Vegetable Fucking Vids Free!!! PETA."

[via Adfreak]