Bad: Rupert Murdoch biographer Michael Wolff is rumored to be having an affair with his younger employee. Far worse, for Wolff: this gives News Corp (and others) a chance to get back at him.

Cityfile broke the affair story last week. Wolff said his lawyer would be in touch with them—but they've heard nothing, prompting them to taunt him today (worth reading for the kicker).

But far more annoying for Wolff is the New York Post, which jumped on this story with a level of interest reserved for its enemies. Of which Wolff is one, because he talked bad about the boss, Rupert Murdoch! You can just tell the Post is gonna run this one into the ground. Page Six had one item yesterday reviewing the rumor itself, and then another item today plugging Wolff, just because they can. And they gave him the greatest honor of all: A Sean Delonas cartoon mocking his body.

No matter how this turns out, that's something to be proud of.

[UPDATE: As an alert commenter points out, Delonas even drew Wolff with the telltale "gay sheep fucker" prancy-leg under the covers. Delonas cartoons are multi-leveled things.
UPDATE 2: An alternate theory we've heard: The Post's payback is for Michael Wolff saying that Col Allan should be fired for Delonas' monkey cartoon. Either way: beef!]