All Contessa Brewer was trying to do was introduce a clip about a "gigantic gem." But her bitchy co-anchor Melissa Francis had to insult her, by implying she was conceited or something. Contessa was flummoxed.

When Brewer set the clip up, there was a slight delay, so Brewer was forced to add "...This one." Then, looking at the ruddy mass of green that's supposedly an emerald, she opined "Doesn't look much like a gem, does it." That's when her bitchy friend on the passenger side sniped "I thought you were talking about yourself." All Brewer could say was "Oh that's nice."

Then they stripped and wrestled around the desk for a while, still in their high heels, and, exhausted and sweaty, finally just made out.

Ohh, and a tipster reminds us:

You kind of missed why this is even better than what you realize. Brewer says, "Oh, an 850 pound gem. Nice." A few years ago, Don Imus ripped into her for having a fat ass when she was working on the show and bad mouthed him.