Last time we checked in with Justine Bateman, the Family Ties star was getting territorial about how her Tumblr posts were reblogged. Now she's angrily learning what a "White Whine" is.

Bateman already posts literally dozens of times per day to her Tumblr. Not that we're judging, but she wants to throw up even more content, via her BlackBerry, a setup that wasn't working out for her initially:

Grrrr. My Tumblr account won't stay signed-in on my Blackberry.

This prompted a reblog from photographer Mo Pitz, who added:

Might be the white whine of the week…

Indeed! But Bateman was not amused, and wrote a post titled "Interesting that you feel I'm WHINING." Ouch:

I don't remember sending out invitations. Feel free to Unfollow. Top right corner.

Don't be like that, 'Mals — it was totally supposed to be a compliment. Now you gave Mo a sad, amplified by the power of your celebrity:

Ohhhh, no… sorry. I didn't mean that as an insult…it was a joke. I thought it was a fairly common tumblr meme. Eek.

Kind of a big general internet meme, actually. But give Bateman time: At 30+ posts a day on her laptop and 'Berry, she's bound to get the hang of all your basic stupid memes eventually, and will thus have wasted as much of her brain as the rest of us on Tumblr.