Octogenarian gossipmonger Liz Smith continues to chronicle the reactions to the New York Post's shocking move to drop her column, and we will continue to report them as well, forever! Today: Warren Beatty is supportive!

The cherry on the sundae was a phone call late at night from a mysterious voice inquiring, "What cha doin?" It was none other than Warren Beatty who wanted to say I was on an upper path now and better off and he encouraged me to really develop my Web and Internet skills. "Learn to control the Internet yourself; don't depend on people to help you."...We ended the chat with him remarking, "I just wanted to call because, as you know, you are in a class by yourself!"

Many other celebrities support Liz as well! You will find the entire list lovingly detailed in her column. How many congratulatory emails from Sly Stallone did you receive, Col Allan? Yea. [Variety; Pic via]