Today's Mark Penn "Microtrend": lots of people are out of work! Well, that is just a "trend." The "micro" bit is that the sort of people the famous pollster knows personally are out of work!

Not Penn himself, obv, or his friends from the Clinton campaign, all of whom are working for Obama or Mike Bloomberg (Wolfson you turncoat fucker) and, in one or two cases, Governor Paterson, but, you know, some lawyers have been laid off! Microtrend!

So while you may find it entirely obvious and unremarkable that one of the effects of a recession involving the collapse of the stock market and housing bubbles in tandem with the dissolution of the media industry is that "professionals" from the 1% of American households making more than $200k a year now face unemployment like everyone else, in that self-evident fact political polling mastermind Mark Penn sees a "mictrotrend" worthy of a column in a major national newspaper.

What is a laid-off lawyer to do? They principally had their savings in the stock and housing markets, which have been decimated. Unlike many blue-collar and public-sector workers, they have no union protection, limited pensions and suburban-family expenses. And as professionals, they have perfected how to do their narrow job well. But many have little direct business sense or experience.

Hah. Time for the LAWYER BAILOUT, right?