What's in Ruth Reichl's freezer? What disappoints Martha Stewart? Which New York wantrepreneur is about to get a snowball to the face? And why is a CNN reporter freaking out? Twitter has all the answers:

Martha Stewart looked down on New Yorkers intimidated by snow, a group which includes home-bound Gawker editor Gabriel "I'm taking a snow day" Snyder. And then she got into a crazy Twitter conversation with Perez Hilton about cupcakes. Which is pretty much what she deserved.

CNET's Twitter beat reporter, Caroline McCarthy, lived up to Stewart's haughty expectations.

New York editrix Jessica Coen watched television in the middle of the day.

CNN's Rick Sanchez had an all-caps freakout over AIG.

Gourmet editor-in-chief Ruth Reichl gave us a disturbing view of her larder and psyche.

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