For his sake. You know, to get her in bed. So says a model (well, from named Simona Fusca, who supposedly went on a very rude date with the Broadway-abandoning actor.

She tells the extremely legitimate New Jersey gossip rag Steppin' Out that she went on a date with Piven out of curiosity, and that she was horrified by his let's-get-you-drunk-and-hop-into-bed rude behavior. They seem to have had the rendezvous at a sushi restaurant, as sake was the drink of choice. No Jeremy! Sushi gave you poison! Mercury poison! Ah well. All in the name of getting some, right Piv? Fusca tells the magazine:

He just wanted me to drink sake. He kept saying, "Waiter, more sake!" and "How do you like your sake? Is it good sake?" He just wanted one thing but I wasn't going to be another girl he slept with. He got very annoyed when he realized he wasn't getting what he wanted. He was very upset. He just drove me home and didn't say a word, which wasn't really different from dinner. He was angry. He wouldn't even open the door for me. I had to open the door myself.

Little did she know, Piven was actually in a "How Many Times Can You Say the Word 'Sake' " contest. He won.

Fusca wasn't surprised by Piven's rudeness, though, as she'd already heard about some of his bad behavior:

He thinks he's all that. I read an article yesterday that he left a sushi restaurant waiter a photograph of himself as a tip. What? That waiter is working hard for his money. He doesn't care about your picture! That tells you what kind of guy he is. He took me out but he didn't try to win my heart. He just tried to get me very tipsy on sake. He just kept refilling the sake.

Ohh, I want to play too. Sake.