We hear Bauer Publishing just summoned its entire staff to the office in a frantic effort to get ahead of the coming New York snowstorm. Bad weather + Media depression = panic!

The first snowstorm of the season is expected to blanket Gotham in a foot of snow tonight. The mayor sounds pretty blasé about the whole thing, making odd jokes about lions and lambs and saying he'll just take the subway to work.

And the New York Times just says "New Yorkers will have to pull their sweaters back off the shelf - and a shovel out of the garage."

But Bauer is scrambling to avoid any delays whatsoever in closing InTouch and Life & Style tomorrow, so it sent an "emergency email" demanding everyone come into the office as soon as possible, today. Sunday.

And it's threatening that if staff don't finish tonight, they'll have to work Monday out of hotel rooms. In New Jersey.

The whole thing reeks of an impossibly tight budget amid the advertising collapse, but then it's been a while since we worked toward the frenzied close of a printed magazine (or shoveled any snow). Know of any other publications following suit? We'd love to hear from you. tips@gawker.com

(Pic: AFP: "People storm a snow fortress in the village of Dementevo outside Moscow on March 1, 2009 during the 'Shrovetide' clebration bidding farewell to winter.")