The people of Iran, that nation of possibly nuke-holding Mid-East bullies have turned their attention from negotiations with President Obama to more serious matters: Hollywood's portrayal of their fine country.

Points of contention:

-They didn't like it when Mickey Rourke tore up the Iranian flag during that final battle scene in The Wrestler. (Because "pro" wrestling is totally real, and that guy, the Ayatollah, was a true-to-life depiction, too.)

-Hated 300 because it made their ancestors look bloodthirsty (we can only infer that the other guys were comparatively nicer? Huh?)

Well, their feelings are hurt and they want you to kiss their boo-boo.

Seriously, isn't this sort of like when, during the making of The Godfather, the Italian mobsters formed a little group called the Italian-American Civil Rights League that tried to promote the idea that not all Italians are bloodthirsty mobsters in bad suits? Riiight.

We think they might be overreacting just a tad in these particular cases. I mean, really. Think about how the Palestinians felt when they saw Rob Schneider in You Don't Mess With the Zohan.