Once upon a time there was an odd young internet fameball named Jakob Lodwick who decided to quit the internet entirely after it failed to adequately explain China. In unrelated news, 'Jake' Lodwick is blogging!

If you were always kind of hazy on who Lodwick was and what he did and why anybody cared about him at all, this new manifesto won't help clear things up:

Nature produced one form of evolution (biological life) which produced a species (Homo sapiens) whose organisms possess the ability to evolve within their own lifetimes (!).

A human which never subtracts anything - which never lets go of certain convictions or ceases certain behaviors - cannot evolve. It gets ‘clogged up' and stuck, unable to adapt. As its environment changes, it remains the same, executing the same directives and steadily losing the ability to be happy, like a toy robot trying to walk through a wall.

[Two more lengthy grafs torturing this metaphor until you see: He's talking about himself, and the internet, get it?]

The organism writing these words spent a stretch of many months taking naps and baths, writing, and quietly working, watching movies, and traveling. It embraced every frightening truth about itself, shedding reams of psychic debris. It spend hours crying and unwinding, collapsing into pillows, talking to itself. It is now ready for another phase of existence, one with a renewed clarity and purpose, standing somewhere inside a universe, feeling not fear but love.

Jakob Lodwick stopped blogging; Jake Lodwick just started.

This "collapsing into pillows" sounds like the premise for an interesting and amusing blog post. Welcome to the internet, Jake!
[Not worth reading in its entirety]