Rather than trying to clean up her image, be-weaved country tune warbler Kim Zolciak, from Real Housewives of Atlanta, is doing the next best thing. She's decided to sue her former publicist.

Zolciak is infamous for her bizarre blunderbussing on the Bravo reality show, from crying about fake hair and making up a fake cancer story, to feeling entitled to a country singing career when her singing voice sounded like a pile of burnt toast tumbling out of her mouth, to (not-so) secretly dating a rich married "celebrity" named Big Daddy so he'd buy her Cadillacs and things.

Then she started a ludicrous website. Around that time, Kim hired World's Worst Publicist Jonathan Jaxson to get her name out there. He then shuttered her blog for nonpayment last week — though the taunting message announcing its suspension by her "webmaster" is now gone.

So ol' Kim is suing Jaxson —for supposedly messing around with her website and telling people she was broke (she is). Which all makes pathetic, weary sense. Adding a dash of Jaxson's miserable little spice to this sad soup of polyester hair and hoarse cigarette voices is a natural step for this awful story.

The world is dead and rotting. That's basically all there is to this.