Micro-celebrity Julia Allison doesn't want Gawker to know about the super-super secret birthday parties she and Randi Zuckerberg (of the Facebook Zuckerbergs) are throwing in San Francisco tonight and New York tomorrow. So she invited us.

Which presumably means she'd like us to publicize it, right? So here you go. The two party buddies are having joint birthday parties this year. Invites went out yesterday but didn't say where the fetes were to be held. Just now, emails arrived in two Gawker Media employees' inboxes (you can guess who; one of them might write for this very site!) with the subject line, "Shhh! Secret Location Revealed. No Sharing!" and an apology for not revealing the party locations earlier because "We really can't have this out on gawker/the internet in general."

Tonight's SF bash is at a club called Rosewood. Tomorrow, they fly back to NYC for a party at the IMI Club in department store Bergdorf Goodman. There's a charity involved with the events (the new rage!) so you know, maybe we've done our part to spread the word and help water and women or something.