Conservatives are outraged that DC might eventually have a voting representative in the US House. Not because this means a bunch of poor black people will be marginally more powerful*, but because it's unconstitutional.

It pretty much is straight-up unconstitutional to just give DC a vote in the House without either a) making it a damn state or b) making it an amendment to the Constitution, but to be fair it was a particularly stupid part of the constitution, making the capital a weird lawless phantom zone. So we're sympathetic to critics of the bill who are, like, constitutional scholars! We're not sympathetic to the fucking disingenuous conservatives who happily signed up for warrantless wiretapping (and waging undeclared wars!) now wringing their hands that the nation's founding document is in peril because Eleanor Holmes Norton is allowed to have a vote that will be canceled out by the Congressmen from Utah's newest district.

Anyway she should get a lot of voting in before the case reaches the Supreme Court, that's all we're saying.

*Correction: the thing about poor black people is actually why they are upset.