Today, there's another video of a college kid wailing while being arrested. We never thought it would come to this, but we're officially sympathizing with cops. Let's review the concept of "Police brutality," kids:

The kid in this video is College of New Jersey student Michael Tracey, who's being arrested after trying to walk on stage during an Ann Coulter speech, then being told to leave, then trying to go on stage again, then running away from cops and getting tackled. Okay, go:

Ewing Police arrest student at Ann Coulter lecture

That is just incredibly, incredibly embarrassing behavior. What was the response of the students to this?

The 39-seconds of video comes as supporters of the junior political science major have formed a Facebook group with over 1,100 members, tagged college buildings with chalk, and have planned a demonstration on campus for this morning.

This bullshit, combined with the video that came out earlier this week of the unbelievably sniveling end of the NYU Food Court Revolution, forces us to say: kids, shut the fuck up about police brutality. Have you ever read, in the course of your Marxist theory class, a classic little story by the name of The Boy Who Cried Wolf? You are the boy crying, and the Wolf is "police brutality." Hegel is nowhere to be found.

I am unreasonably prejudiced against cops myself. But you all make me struggle—struggle!—not to become a temporary Republican, urging the cops to throw in a few nightstick pokes just so that they have something to justify the bullshit that you and your protesting friends will put them through. If you do something illegal you will be arrested, which—even here in America—involves being touched by police. Deal with it, fuckers! Are you a social activist? Check out these principles of civil disobedience from Gandhi himself!

—A civil resister (or satyagrahi) will express no anger.
—He will sometimes suffer the anger of the opponent.
—In so doing he will put up with assaults from the opponent, never retaliate; but he will not submit, out of fear of punishment or the like, to any order given in anger.
—When any person in authority seeks to arrest a civil resister, he will voluntarily submit to the arrest, and he will not resist the attachment or removal of his own property, if any, when it is sought to be confiscated by authorities.

Gandhi says shut the fuck up and take it like a man! If you choose to do some illegal shit, even if it's righteous, you will be arrested, so shut the fuck up and don't give the cops a hard time. They live in New Jersey and they have real jobs and they don't want to deal with your crap! You people are making it hard even for us, Northeastern socialist nihilists, to support you, so just shut up and never say "police brutality" again unless you check with an adult first. Use this for reference: