Unlike the rest of you, probably, I'm still watching Jimmy Fallon's webisode things that are leading up to his taking over Conan's Late Night desk on Monday. And, I gotta say, he's growing on me.

The videos are still not laugh out loud (that's old person talk for LOL, kids and area idiots) funny or anything. They remain oddly muted and affable in a close-to-irritating way. But Fallon is somewhat charming after a time. What makes me think that this slight hint of something will carry over well on his show is that he's particularly good at interacting with other people which, you know, is a handy skill to have when hosting a talk show.

I mean, I usually stopped watching Conan after his gonzo opening sketches had ended—who really cares what catastrophic movie Kate Hudson is promoting—so I am finding it a bit strange that I'm looking forward to interviews... conducted by Jimmy f'ing Fallon. But there's something a little twinkly and wry behind those Pound Puppy eyes of his. I think he'll be good at quietly mocking guests as they giddily dig themselves in deeper and deeper, a la David Letterman. And I am won over to the idea that he really is a nice guy (that point is laid on laboriously thick in the vlog bits), so I don't think it will be snide or crass, the way it can be on Leno sometimes. No, I'm storing up hope that Fallon will be a warm and chuckle-worthy riverboat guide into dreamy sleepland. Conan will provide the genuine funny, it'll be an hour earlier than it usually is, and I won't have to deal with the loud, ham-fisted incompetence of that Carson Daly character.

So yeah. Watch the videos and see if you get what I mean. I'm probably crazy, and it probably doesn't bode well for a show that you have to watch dozens of web videos when you're bored and hungover in order to sorta like its star, but oh well.