Say, whatever happened with that Norm Coleman/Rev. Al Franken thing? Well, Norm's political career is dying the death of a thousand judicial setbacks and yet refusing, oddly, to concede.

The Minnesota Senate race ended in a statistical tie between Coleman and the creator of the short-lived sitcom LateLine. After a lengthy, impressively transparent well-monitored hand recount, Franken end up the winner by a hilariously slim margin (225 votes).

So Coleman, who on election night demanded Franken peacefully and quietly conede the race before the counting was actually finished, is now just suing to get all the rejected ballots that might be for him counted, and the courts keep being like "uh these were properly rejected sir" and meanwhile Al's lawyers are using the opportunity to do the same thing, because why not? And it will never end. Except it's gradually ending.

Ballots that Norm Coleman wants to count took a beating in testimony on Tuesday, while ballots he thinks are illegal were protected by the judges hearing the U.S. Senate trial.

Coleman basically knew this decision was coming yesterday, but don't worry: he promises never to give up his legal challenges that are surely endearing him to the electorate and he's also hanging around the Senate even though he doesn't even have an office anymore. What a winner.