In your chunky Wednesday media column: awful bad terrible newspaper news (and suggestions!), Hallmark dies politely, Rupert Murdoch's deadly newspaper addiction may be getting worse, and much more!

Print is Dead daily update: The San Antonio Express-News is cutting 75 newsroom jobs; The Providence Journal will have 100 layoffs, including 18 in the newsroom; newspaper unions in Denver agree to a 12% pay cut; and the Washington Post's earnings were down 77% from a year ago. What's the solution to all these problems? The New York Observer has an incredibly long suggestion.

Great Magazine Die-Off daily update: Hallmark magazine is folding. You know where you can find some sympathy cards for the occasion.

Just days after a big NYT piece highlighting how poorly all of Rupert Murdoch's newspaper investments are doing, "incredulous News Corp. insiders" who may or may not be on crack say he's really interested in making a play for NYT and the failing LA Times! Ha, that would show em, Rupert! Just do it!

Michael Wolff is totally creaming in his pants over the fact that the New York Times had their lawyer send him a cease-and-desist letter for using their logo on his website. For Halloween this year he's going to wear a big box painted as the front page of the NYT, and then a traffic cone on his head, and he'll tell everybody he's a "thorn in the side of the Times."

Ben Lyons, the E! guy on At the Movies? Big hip hop head. Huh.