Awesome: the urban-suburban/hip-hop-based GOP comeback has a website! It's called "The GOP Comeback" and it has a YouTube with noted hip-hop superstars Haley Borbour, Bobby Jindal, and Mark Sanford.

Well, the website is for the Republican Governors Association, not Michael Steele's RNC, and it's actually just bite's Obama's fancy web-style, with the comforting blue everywhere and those rays of sunshine coming from somewhere on the horizon. Because apparently Republican governor's think they're the future of the party! Specifically the governors of Mississippi, Louisiana, and South Carolina, because yeah, all those guys will be able to point to really, really prosperous and successful tenures by the time 2012 rolls around.

(Um, also of note: when we first looked at The GOP Comeback site, the fourth picture in the little banner was Ms. Sarah Palin of Alaska. Not sure what happened there!)