President Obama provided hope to the lovelorn by sharing the cell phone number of his hottie speechwriter Jon Favreau. We called it, or course. Would you like to hear his voice? It's like we aready know him.

Favreau's office and cell numbers were printed in big type at the top of the first page of the Obama's speech last night, captured in an over-the-President's-shoulder shot. The New York Times took the photo down soon after we pointed it out last night. But as of this morning, the Wall Street Journal had the photo on its home page.

If you're thinking about calling but don't know what to talk about, Time suggests telling him how great his words were. Favreau spent last night's speech standing "nervously with his back against the wall, alternately mouthing the words as Obama spoke them, applauding and checking his Blackberry for reactions from the ether."