It's hard for the rich to find good, expensive things to spend their money on these days without causing a populist uproar. So a $28 million chair is, like, perfect!

"There are still a lot of extremely wealthy people out there," a Christie's exec said after day two of the big Yves St. Laurent posthumous art-and-luxurious-baubles auction last night. YES, QUITE. The chair you see, fancily called a "Dragon chair," sold for $28 mil. But to be fair, it does look like it has good padding on the ass area. Also a "sideboard" (ashamed to admit I do not even know what that is) sold for more than $5 million, and a "two-tier metal and crystal-glass bar" sold for close to $4 million, and they better get some good coasters.

But what else are you gonna spend $28 million on? You can't buy a private jet these days. Gaudy jewelry will get you hacked to pieces by mobs of the unemployed. It's rough. But YSL can rest easy knowing he provided at least one rich guy a dragon for his butt.