Last night, America as a whole was introduced to Louisiana Governor and up-and-coming Republican superstar Bobby Jindal. And they couldn't stop giggling at him.

We know the liberal bloggers derisively compared Jindal to Kenneth the Page—but is that just regional elitism? Well, yes, but Republicans thought he was a joke too!

David Brooks thought Jindal sucked, so so much. So much that he couldn't even formulate the crazy backwards this is secretly bad for OBAMA that the Republicans are a mess argument he'll eventually use in a column. "It's just a disaster for the Republican party," Brooks said, calling out Jindal for "nihilism." Which is actually a pretty accurate description of the entire Republican response to the economic crisis, right?

At The Corner, official Jindal girlfriend-in-waiting K-Lo jumped out of the gate with the first response to Jindal's response, cautiously complimenting how awesome he was without really committing, because her and Jonah don't form genuine opinions until the smarter Corner contributors weigh in with things that make some sort of sense. And right on cue, Ramesh Ponnuru acknowledged that Jindal's "delivery was weak." And so K-Lo lets an emailer note that Jindal sounded ridiculous.

These psycho conservatives commenting at Larry Johnson's blog wonder if Jindal is even a natural-born citizen and pray for Sarah Palin.

Hilariously, a Free Republic commenter says Jindal reminded him of Richard Pryor's "white man voice," which is pretty clever and also maybe racist (because it's from a Free Republic commenter).

Sorry, Bobby! Maybe by 2012 someone other than a preschool teacher will give you some tips on reading speeches?