Bobby Jindal's rebuttal to the president's Congressional address tonight sounded creepily like a monologue from Kenneth the Page, 30 Rock's bewildered hillbilly. Click for video of the Louisiana governor's most Kenneth-like moments.

Not that it was easy to pick; Jindal just couldn't quit with the wide-eyed "aww, shucks," Howdy-Doody delivery, apparently rehearsed in front of a Kindergarten class. See highlights above. His patronizing tone — and most of all his resemblance to the Kenneth character — has already become a full-fledged blogger meme.

Telepathic Chris Matthews was annoyed preemptively; listen for his "Oh, God" in the video below:

We'd lay $20 on the already-hot Jack McBrayer playing Jindal this weekend on Saturday Night Live. A sampling of his 30 Rock work follows below, for comparison's sake.