Careful what you Twitter! Blogger Ben Leventhal savaged Julia Allison for a brainless tweet. George Stephanopoulos denied inhaling at a White House dinner. And Kurt Andersen just shouldn't have typed anything. Today's 140-character mistakes:

Preternaturally hunky Curbed editor Ben Leventhal, ordered by ex-girlfriend Julia Allison to suggest a dinner spot, told her to Google the keywords "sugar daddy restaurants."

ABC newsman George Stephanopoulos felt compelled to clarify after reporting that his White House lunch with the president included "leeks and pot."

Spy cofounder Kurt Andersen's job was amazing today and yours wasn't.

New Yorker writer Susan Orlean caught the flu.

Funnyman John Hodgman announced his hate of the word "meh," and stirred up a fuss among the obstinantly nonchalant.