Here is a humdinger of a bit of gossip actual confirmed news: Liz Smith, octogenarian gossip queen of New York, has been dropped as a New York Post columnist. Sad, but expected.

Col Allan cited the economy when he told her he wouldn't be renewing her contract:

"Like so many other newspapers around the nation, we are buffeted by unprecedented economic gales," Col Allan, the editor in chief of The Post, told Ms. Smith in a Feb. 9 letter that said he was not renewing the contract for what he called her "legendary column."

Well, it's been clear for a while that Col Allan and Liz Smith didn't care for each other. We saw this coming months ago. But it's still a sad thing. The batty lady is irrepresible, though! She's over at her womanly site,, still writing about various and sundry topics, such as what a jerk Col Allan is. So you can find her right here, on the internet.

We'll be right there with you Liz! [City Room; Pic via]

UPDATE: NYP flack Steven Rubenstein sends us this additional statement from Col Allan: "The Post is grateful to have been able to publish Liz Smith's legendary column for so many years. We wish her the very best for the future."