Our totally unsolicited press release of the day has arrived! "Hello, as Julie Henderson's publicist, I've read some unflattering blogs calling her a 'high fallutin' call girl' and a 'golddigger,'" it begins. There's more!

Julie Henderson comes from a good family. Her grandfather Samuel Henderson invented the Henderson grapefruit in the 1960's and built an empire in Texas . She has been modeling for the past 7 years and is an accomplished Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue favorite appearing in the issue 3 years in a row.

This arrived under the subject line "Further Clarification Regarding Russell Simmons and Julie Henderson." Thank you, Ryan Brown at Factory PR, for providing this mystifying clarification of your client's sexual purity and family grapefruit empire. Then he totally pasted this photo in the bottom of the email:

We hope this clears up this "Julie Henderson is a high fallutin' call girl golddigger" issue once and for all.