In Kings, NBC's bizarre-looking show about modern-day royalty in alternate-reality New York, the prince, whose life is saved by a lowly commoner, can't inherit his father's kingdom. Because he's a big old gay person.

So says a spy on the set. See, the show, which will flicker on your TV screen in March for probably only an episode or two, is about the commoner who saves the prince (Sebastian Stan, above) in war and is thus granted lots of access by the creepy king (Ian McShane from Deadwood), who rules in a very New York-looking fantasy metropolis. The king lavishes so much attention on him because here is the strapping young straight war hero he'd hoped for, not the mincing fellow who goes to gay clubs with his gay boyfriend (played by Michael Arden, who starred in the tremendous Twyla Tharp Broadway disaster The Times They Are a Changin').

So that's kind of exciting. You know, dudes in uniform kissing other dudes. Let's just hope they're not villainized in the fashion of the shameful gay prince and his pouty-lipped lover in Braveheart or something. Though, we shouldn't expect too much from the people behind Heroes.