Oh wow, Alan Keyes doesn't even believe Barack Obama is the President, because he was secretly born in Indonesia!

"The person called 'President Obama'," is destroying our borders and wants to kill all the babies, says heroic multiple election-loser Alan Keyes! Keyes knows Obama well, because he debated the secret Muslim back in 2004, when Keyes was the GOP's hilarious sacrificial lamb candidate running against the Chosen One.

An important difference between the Republican party and the Democratic party is that the nuttiest, least-mainstream Dems tend to be random members of the House who embarrass everyone in their own party (like Cynthia McKinney, say), whereas Keyes was a Reagan appointee who served as Assistant Secretary of State and who's been endorsed as a US Senate candidate three times.

(Though to be fair Keyes is now a member of some weirdo third party, because the GOP that nominated John McCain is insufficiently crazy for his tastes.)

And now Obama has destroyed the country, because we did not listen to prophet Alan Keyes.