Professional designer and amateur writer of excruciating ad copy Kenneth Cole knows times are tough as leather. Maybe it's not fashion-able, but he's optimistic America will design a solution to sew up all these problems!

Maybe it's time for a velvet revolution—and Kenneth Cole will be right there to guide you down the runway to economic success!

As bad as it is, many feel today that whatever you call it, the other shoe still hasn't dropped - an event of which they seem to be awaiting nervously. (Never before have so many been so attentive to what I do for a living). People are running for COVER - many to cover their ASSets, while we are trying to cover their backs (and other body parts).

But Kenneth, what if people are not ready to wear your sense of hope?

With that said, in the interest of self preservation, perhaps we have to go back to being "clothes minded"? If you look good, you'll feel good about being in your shoes, and probably increase your own interest rate. Being an accessory to change may even reward you with the chance to share your own stimulus package.

Shut up. Just shut right up. [Kenneth's blog via Copyranter]