CBS just hired some guy with the improbable name of Jeff Ballabon to be their Senior Vice President of Communications. Boooring! But wait, outrage: he's a Republican!

He's a particularly annoying and odious Republican, we'll grant that:

During the debate, Ballabon claimed that, after his most recent job in Washington, he became convinced that Democrats are inherently bad people and Republicans are fundamentally good people.
In fact, it is not atypical of Ballabon to use this kind of extreme partisan rhetoric. During the 2008 election, Ballabon said, "Obama is incredibly dangerous."

So, hey, he's a real big jerk! But come on, he's going to head their media relations and publicity office, he's not reading the news on-air. It's a pretty stupid move to have a rabid partisan neo-con head your PR division right as this wonderful new Obama Era begins (he'll be lobbying the wrong party, guys!), but this is CBS News we're talking about here. It's not bias so much as incompetence!

Man. Liberals today. We should probably go buy a pack of cigarettes before attempting to tackle HuffPo again. (We tried to read a BLOG by Jamie Lee Curtis and it was just insane nonsense.)