Not that charity is ever bad in any form, but Madonna could probably do better than sending old clothes and her own damn children's book to the Malawi orphanage where she found her son, David.

Yeah she sent the Home of Hope Orphanage a big box full of David's old clothes, said a source close to the institution:

These are clothes David can no longer use; they say he is quite a big boy now so he cannot use most of the clothes Madonna bought him immediately after he was adopted. The children were excited to receive the clothes.

And, as a nice cherry on top of the hand-me-down sundae, she sent copies of the children's book she wrote, The English Roses, that she probably can get for free whenever. But they were autographed! And what Malawian orphan who's seen hundreds die around him doesn't want Madonna's autograph??

Again, charity is never a bad thing (unless you're donating old boots to neo-Nazis or you're the manager of a Hampton Inn that's closing and you send the bedsheets to the KKK), but People is gurgling over this like the hundred-year-old Body of Evidence actress flew over Africa in a decommissioned B-52 and dropped money bombs on everyone. Nope, it was just sad, used garments and a chance to get some of her unsold books out of storage.

When asked about the charitable donation, Yohane Banda, David's biological father who fought to have him returned, said that he was kinda hoping that he'd open the box and the kid would be in there. Ah well.