"Facebook suicide" used to mean leaving the ubiquitous social network for the real world. But Paul Zolezzi, an aspiring Brooklyn model, used Mark Zuckerberg's creation to announce the end of his actual life.

Zolezzi, 30, hung himself this morning after posting a status update Thursday night in which he wrote his own epitaph:

... born in San Francisco, became a shooting star over everywhere, and ended his life in Brooklyn... And couldn't have asked for more.

Zolezzi's mother told the New York Daily News that she blamed drugs for her son's death:

"I would say that people get so lonely, so delusional, that all they want to do is be remembered," she said from her home near San Francisco.
"He probably wanted to be remembered in a big way, to do it dramatically - that's what drugs will do to people."

Zolezzi, who had moved from Portland, Ore. to Brooklyn last month, often used Facebook to express his emotional state. Some of his status updates:

Paul is wondering, what unspeakable act did I do in a previous life to deserve this one?
Paul is going to be the first person ever to hang himself on the way out of Portland! Everything here sucks!

This tragic use of Facebook is, sadly enough, all part of Zuckerberg's plan for Facebook to capture every little blip in our emotional state. If we put our entire life online, isn't it inevitable that we'll die there, too?