The Project Runway collections tromped down the Fashion Week runways this morning, indicating that production is still chugging along, despite the legal troubles surrounding it. But what does that mean for the show's future?

Basically the war between NBC/Universal, whose Bravo network for gay people aired the fashion design competition series for its first five seasons, is locked in mortal combat with the Weinstein Company, the series' production house, who sold it in a late night deal to Lifetime, hoping for a quick buck. Harvey & Co.'s little gambit didn't pay off quite the way they'd hoped though, as promotion and scheduling for the sixth season have been completely hindered by an NBC/U lawsuit trying to get their little boutique cash cow back.

But they're still allowed to film, so film they did. The collections were presented anonymously, so neither the fashion doyennes in the audience nor we playing at home could possibly figure out just who is behind the garments. Judging from photos, below, we can tell a few things though. Basically, someone's really into black leathery domination gear. Someone else is into draping and sweeping dresses. Another person is into little turnips-from-Mario 2-shaped cocktail dresses. So just follow those patterns whenever the show airs, and you might be able to cobble the answers together. Of course, this season might never air at all. If NBC/U eventually wins their suit, it's possible (though according to some, not likely) this entire iteration will be scuttled and all of it will have been for naught. Pity for all involved. Either way, here are the clothes.

All images via AP