After last night's clash with cops, a hardcore band of dead-enders continued to occupy the NYU student center food court, for Democracy. But it sounds like it's game over now people. The Man wins!

Definitive Food Court Occupatory Journalism source NYU Local reports:

12:13 - Hey, all. Charlie here. I just spoke to Emily Stainkamp and she informed me that administrators and security guards raided the 3rd floor and rounded up the remaining protestors. They are all being suspended.

The team of five negotiators (before this raid) went to negotiate and were apparently detained and suspended as well. It's currently unclear if any negotiations actually took place.

This is the end I think. Will update with any new news.

12:26 - Lily Q is at Kimmel and informes me that people are still inside and on the balcony. They should be coming out of the building in about 15 minutes. Although the press release says that non-NYU students will be turned over to police, some tips are coming in that a few have left the building and were not give to police.

That press release from NYU basically said any students still in there are getting suspended. The last holdouts are up on a balcony now, soon to be arrested. Ho well.

Sure, you could say that this entire fiasco was a big failure marked by muddled thinking and incoherent goals, and completed with a total lack of any progress towards the laughably unrealistic set of "demands" the protesters set forth. And we said that. But then again, if you can't occupy a building while you're in college, when else are you gonna get the chance? Take over a building when you're 20 and it's Animal House; try it when you're 30 and it's Dog Day Afternoon. We hope you guys had fun, sincerely.

[Pic: NYU Local]