We have reports of a street confrontation between NYU protesters and cops starting around 1 AM, the deadline set for demonstrators to leave the campus food court they occupied. Twitter seemingly confirms:

It's important to note it's not yet clearly exactly how what is going on. The Twitter stream of NYU Local, the website that has been heavily covering the dining hall occupation, first reported "cops are beating people" before saying (21 minutes ago!) things were "suddenly calm again" and that the protesters wanted to restart negotiations. An ambulance driver told the site he/she was there only as a precaution.

Twitter's "emilydont," apparently one of the protesters, said people were getting "fucked up and maced on the street" 23 minutes ago but now reports protesters are "negotiating to stay the night."

So it would appear the Twitter reports above of a full-fledged "riot" may have been premature.

UPDATE: Video (via):

UPDATE: It looks like the street panic and violence was contained within about 40 minutes, by 1:40 am. There was all of one confirmed arrest. So apparently private school kids kind of suck at distinguishing an actual riot from loud, slightly unruly street crowds. Who would have guessed??

The approximately 20 remaining protesters will be allowed to occupy the dining hall for the night, even though they're not really supposed to be there in the first place, which is odd. That headcount is down from 62 people occupying the building before the passing of a 1 am deadline, after which many protesters reportedly believed they could be expelled. SAVE THE KIMMEL TWENTY! (ASSUMING YOU CAN DO SO WITHOUT ENDANGERING ANY PRECIOUS QUESADILLAS OR SWEET, SWEET FROYO.)

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Revolution Strikes the NYU Food Court!

(Top photo: Nullsleep on Twitter)