A picture obtained by TMZ apparently reveals Rihanna's facial injuries reportedly inflicted by her boyfriend Chris Brown. The awful image (full size after jump) would appear to confirm some rumors about the injuries.

Confirmed: The "split lip," facial contusions on both sides of the face and "serious" swelling and bruising reported by TMZ previously. Also, bad swelling around the right eye, as reported by E!.

Not proven or disproven: A black right eye, as reported by E!; these can take time to emerge. A bloody nose, as reported by TMZ. It's possible her nose stopped bleeding before the picture was taken; in fact this would seem logical police procedure.

In any case, Rihanna's fairly horrific condition in the photo would seem to confirm her reported claim that Brown struck her with his fists during a fight in a Lamborghini on the eve of the Grammys. The event was ugly enough in words; an image is likely to further destroy fellow R&B singer Brown's career.

(Interestingly, TMZ isn't saying where it got the photo. Best guess: It's a police shot provided to document the injuries, while fresh, for possible prosecution of Brown. The dark background and apparent heavy flash reflection off Rihanna's skin seem to suggest a picture taken in the field, i.e. on the street immediately after the incident.)