Allen Stanford, the Texas billionaire fingered by the FBI this week for an $8 billion financial scam, tried to go underground. But now he's been caught! In Virginia! The land of lovers—of money:

Stanford disappeared on Tuesday when news of his scam broke, but the FBI's tracked him down in Fredericksburg, VA, which is not really the type of glamorous location you would expect to be hiding out if you had billions of dollars at your disposal. This was all just to serve him with papers, though—he hasn't even been arrested yet. Never too early to do so, though, guys!

The most amusing aspect of this story is that the BBC refers to Stanford as "Sir Allen" eight times in its story on this, although Reuters points out:

Company publications are peppered with devotional mentions of "Sir Allen," a reference to the title given to him in 2006 by Antiguan authorities, not the Queen of England.

Let's just hope this vile web doesn't stretch all the way up to Colonel Sanders.