Comedian Sascha Baron Cohen's outrageous gay Austrian character Bruno recently made his own movie, in which he makes fun of the fashion industry. Curious about who got got? Fashion Week Daily has the answers.

Well, OK, they only profile a few people, mainly a magazine editor and a prissy French designer who gets the joke but only sort of.

From the inelegant English of designer, Lloyd Klein, caught unawares at Studio 54:

I go backstage to try to find my manager to ask 'Who the hell is this person?' But I stayed very cool with the situation ... I know the way French people react because I am French. They don't have a big sense of humor. They're very bitter, so I think it will be a tough one.

From Marie Claire (high fashion!) editor Joanna Coles, who got Bruno'd in Milan last year:

We literally didn't realize it was Bruno. We said—thinking it was just some Italian tagalong—'You can't come in, we don't have a ticket for you!' If we'd realized it was him, we'd have totally taken him in—why not?

Cohen fooled lots of other people too, like Stella McCartney—apparently he waved a tampon around at the designer's Spring '09 show in Paris—and supermodel Tom Brady-dater Gisele Bündchen, of whom Bruno claimed to be an old friend ever since they met one time in Los Angeles. To her credit, Gisele didn't try to fake that she remembered him. Most of these high-nosed fashion waifs were pretty okay about it and found it funny. You know, after the fact. At least they took it better than those cage match attendees. Though, I hear that Jonathan Antin can really throw down.