One of our tipsters just wrote in with more information on Billy Crudup's blue Watchmen wang—and for as impressed as he was, director Zack Snyder says there's more where that came from.

Says our tipster, who just saw the film:

There is indeed shitloads of blue wang. And it's huge. In the comic book, it's very average, and uncut, but the film is completely the opposite. Massive and circumcised. Given that it's digital, was it Crudup or his agent that insisted on the impressive cut cock?

Perhaps Dr. Manhattan's foreskin is just one of the things restored in the uncut (ahem) version of Watchmen. Hollywood Outbreak has audio (captured here) of the director discussing filmdom's most notorious cerulean wang, and Snyder promises that in the eventual DVD, there is so much more big blue (in motion, even!) that even a magnum Watchmen condom couldn't contain it. Also, an initial foray into a 3-D version of the film got three WB executives pregnant; they are now required to turn their blue babies over to Fox.