Rick Santelli and a bunch of traders are furious! They are outraged at Barack Obama's crazy mortgage plan which will maybe stave off a couple foreclosures. [Update: New video with the best of Rick's rage!]

"This is America" he shouts, referring to the floor at the Chicago Board of Trade, and all the traders shout back about how they don't want to pay for their neighbor's mortgage, and hey, "Cuba used to have mansions," and now they all drive '54 Chevys! We are becoming Cuba, what with this crazy plan to allow people to renegotiate mortgages instead of declaring bankruptcy.

How the hell did we come a point where a former financial executive speaking from a trading floor pretends to be a raging populist little man fighting against the powers-that-be? The powers-that-be, in this case, are people who can't afford their homes. They are getting a sweet hand-out from the government: renegotiated mortgages on homes that are losing value anyway!

Drudge is really excited about this clip because it shows the real America's populist anger toward Barack Obama's plan to help 9 million homeowners, it is not at all a crazy mob of the least sympathetic people in the country.

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