As some mixed, early reviews leak out, the debate about Watchmen's fidelity to its source novel continues to rage. That's all well and good, but we just want to know about Billy Crudup's blue wang.

After one trailer where the radioactive member made a surprise appearance, all subsequent Watchmen footage has been frustratingly free of full-frontal. Thankfully, a Hollywood Elsewhere reader who managed to get into an early screening answered all of our burning questions (perhaps they wouldn't burn so much if we used protection?). In short, the amateur critic was disappointed at how inert and borderline campy the film was, blah blah blah, what about the wang:

"There were certainly no cheers at the end. About 80% of the audience rushed out of the theatre the second the credits began; minimal congregating outside. I did come across a group of three 20-something guys, holding their free give-away Watchmen posters, seemingly doing their best to talk themselves into liking the film.

"I almost don't want to spoil this for you, but there's a lot of blue penis in this film. Sadly, I'd say this was one of the few surprises and entertaining parts of the entire experience. It's not everyday that a mainstream Hollywood movie flashes blue Johnson!

This is true, since they deleted it from Frost/Nixon.