Another breaking Politco scoop: academics like Obama and some of them have money! Did you know that "the stereotypes of rumpled, cash-strapped professors don't always apply"?

It's true! If, after years spent at a good university, you reach the top rung in your academic field, you can expect to pull in crazy six-figure incomes! The crack reporters at Politico dug through the financial disclosures of some professors Obama appointed to his administration and found, shockingly, that they were not broke-ass schoolteachers at all, and they even had benefits!

They found that "the nine Obamademics whose finances are on file with the Office of Government Ethics earned an average of $321,325 a year from elite universities," and then they had to explain why this is news: because millions of people don't make $321,325, and so for a liberal to make that much is hypocrisy.

It's also the perks that really stand out at a time many Americans are struggling to afford the basics. From mortgage deals to car allowances to club memberships and international travel, academia afforded these new public officials access to lifestyles out of reach for the majority of Americans – and likely the majority of professors toiling away at lower-profile schools.

All they had to do was devote countless years of their lives to their chosen field until they were eventually recognized as experts, and then those lazy freeloaders made almost as much as a white-shoe lawyer a few years out of school. Aren't you outraged to learn that Nobel prize-winning physicist Steven Chu got a reduced mortgage rate and university club membership through Berkeley? Just for directing some laboratory and winning some prize!

Oh, but it's the outrageous speaking fees that really get this reporter's goat. Some dean of some Lyndon Johnson School of Public Affairs got $36,000 for nothing, where "nothing" means speeches in Tokyo and New Delhi. And that's not even counting this joker's $25,000 book advance, which is only a couple numbers away from the $350k the Stuff White People Like guy got.

And the perks don't end there!

But, perhaps the most colorful income reported by an incoming Obamademic appeared on the report of John Holdren, Obama's choice to be director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Holdren – who earned $93,000 as an environmental policy professor at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government and $174,000 as director of the environmental group the Woods Hole Research Center – picked up another $250 from an April appearance on CBS's "The Late Show with David Letterman," on which he advocated fast action to address climate change.

Seriously, there is no journalistic justification for this article.

We get it: contrary to their liberal ways (because liberals must be working-class stiffs if they want to pretend to care about working-class stiffs), academics are coddled rich elitists who make more than you. That is, an elite few of them are rich elitists. Now we look forward to the Politico piece on what the top editors and star reporters and columnists and TV commentators and pundits of Washington DC make, from their papers, magazines, TV stations, consulting gigs, book deals, and speaking engagements. We need specifics! Come on, guys, what do Mike Allen and John Harris pull in? That'll win the afternoon.