The New York Post has been getting angry phone calls all day because of Sean Delonas' dead monkey cartoon. Especially the people of Page Six, where the cartoon ran. It's not their fault, angry people!

We tried to call P6's Paula Froelich several times — her line was busy a lot — but eventually we got through to her voicemail, which today includes this message:

Please note, if you are calling about the cartoon today: Page Six, its editor and the reporters at Page Six do not pick the cartoon, we have nothing to do with the cartoon and don't see it until the paper comes out the next day. So if you have a complaint about the cartoon, please call the news desk at (212) 930-8500. Thank you!

Call the freakin' news desk, crazy people! Aim your complaints in the right direction.

And perhaps you can add this one. For those who think the link between Obama and a stimulus bill-writing monkey is too far of a stretch, see what the Post ran on the page directly before Page Six: